Ditch that textbook

Miller, Matt. 2015. Ditch that textbook. Dave Burgess Consulting

Public : For teachers

Summary (from the Publisher)

“Are you ready for a change? You know potential exists for innovative, engaging, revolutionary education if you get the right ideas, right tools, and right people, all in the right order. If that sounds like you, then you’re ready to DITCH old mindsets and methods and replace them with empowering, liberating ones. Author and teacher, Matt Miller shows you how to choose and incorporate teaching practices that are: Different from what students see daily. Innovative, drawing on new ideas or modifying others’ ideas. Tech-laden with the use of digital sites, tools and devices. Creative, tapping into students’ original ideas as well as your own. Hands-on, encouraging students to make and try things on their own. Packed with practical advice, specific recommendations for tools, and the encouragement you need to revolutionize your classes, Ditch That Textbook will inspire you to create relevant teaching that gets student buy-in so they’ll enjoy learning.”

Personal appreciation

We all need creative teaching ideas to help us use technology and motivate students. This book helps rethink the way we teach and provides many useful resources. If you visit this website: http://ditchthattextbook.com/ , you can get a free copy of 101 practical ways to ditch that textbook. (e-book)

– Hélène Laforest, English consultant CSSH

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