Non-fiction/fiction pairs and vocabulary starters : Flying start to literacy


Vocabulary starter. Scholastic. 
Level B book pack. Scholastic. 

Genre: Non-fiction/fiction pairs and vocabulary starters
Suggested readers: Elementary, cycle 2

Publisher’s Description

Vocabulary Starters (for Levels A and B Packs)
Accordion-style cards to promote discussion and vocabulary development

  • illustrated with vivid photographs
  • support reading and writing
  • great for ELL
  • can be read like a book or displayed as a word bank
  • common themes such as transportation, farm and zoo animals, and families


  • The pairs match 1 non-fiction and 1 fiction title on a theme cover the same key concepts, vocabulary, and high frequency words have different sentence structures and text-types
  • Books are sequenced to build reading strategies—across the levels there is a careful and systematic introduction of new phonics challenges
  • Rich illustrations and stunning photographs reflect children’s lives, and extend their understanding of the world
  • A wide range of text types to develop reading comprehension and strategies provide simple and clear models for children to use for writing text types include: non-fiction: reports, explanations, historic recounts and procedures fiction: narratives, poems, plays, diaries and recounts

Personal appreciation
These books can really help Grade 3 and 4 students build solid basic vocabulary knowledge that will increase their self-confidence and help them participate more actively in different activities. This collection is a great tool for teachers who would like to experiment guided reading with their students. Teaching plans are included to help you link reading and writing.

– Hélène Laforest, English Consultant, CSSH

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